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Charity News September 2017

Ride London Medal

Welcome to my latest Charity blog post. I spent most of August on holiday with my wife Lynn and son, Jack. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows. It was a wonderful occasion in Corfu, where we have enjoyed many holidays over the years. I am fundraising for 3 charities this year […]

Day 6 of the Nepal Cycle Challenge

Kathmandu 2

After our efforts yesterday, we still had to be up early today for the final day on the bike and 52 kilometres to the finish line! After our warm up, we set off on the opposite route from yesterday back down the mountain from Daman. It was a fast pace but still mentally demanding because […]

Day 5 of the Cycle Challenge in Nepal – The Hardest Day!


We awoke early. We had the hardest day of the trip ahead of us. We left on the bikes at 7am for 65 kilometres which were to be mostly uphill! Today was going to be a true test of the team, and we had to dig deep and help each other, so that we could all […]

Day 4 of the Kathmandu Valley Cycle Challenge

Kathmandu 6

Today started at 7am for breakfast and then a warm up by our yoga expert Sanjay, who took us through some moves. On the bikes and the first 4km was tarmac and downhill, but the hills soon rose in front of us. A very quiet day for falls today, with Guy taking out Stuart and taking […]

Day 3 – Namo Buddha to Godavari, Nepal

Kathmandu 1

The toughest day so far. We woke up to a brilliant view and breakfast at our wonderful hotel, which was a Namo Buddha resort – all vegetarian and the best breakfast so far! We started with a quick ride to the monastery near the hotel and then had a big climb up to the top, […]

Day 2 – Nagarkot to Namo Buddha, Nepal

Kathmandu 1

The day started with a spectacular view of the sunrise from our rooms, but unfortunately, we could not see Everest today. Breakfast first and then the warm up, provided by Cat, who had us all stretching. Guy seemed to think he was at a Disco – more on Guy later. Before we left, it was […]

Day 1 – Kathmandu to Nagarkot

Kathmandu 5

After a full day travelling we arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal and checked into our hotel for the first night. We were too late to set up our bikes on Saturday, so this was left until Sunday morning until just before the first days ride. Saturday evening’s meal was at a local Nepalese Restaurant in Kathmandu and […]

Day 1 in the Saddle – 108km: Changping to Beyond Yangquing


What a day that was! We were supposed to cycle 83km today but this year’s Cycle Challenge happens to be taking place one week after the county lodges close for the season and this means we need to cycle another 25km to reach a lodge that will be open. We ended up climbing a total […]